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Yellow-cheeked Crested Gibbon

Cambodia east of the Mekong River contains the majority of the world population of the endangered yellow-cheeked crested gibbon.
Key Facts
Common name
Common Name

Yellow-cheeked Crested Gibbon



In Cambodia: Rare; IUCN: Endangered; CITES: Appendix I

IUCN Red List Entry


7.0 - 7.4kg

Latin name

Scientific Name

Nomascus gabriellae


Body Length

60 - 80cm

Did you know?

Did you know?

The largest population of Yellow-cheeked Crested Gibbon lives in the Eastern Plains Landscape of Cambodia

The yellow-cheeked crested gibbon is one of six species of crested gibbons, all of which have suffered from accelerating declines throughout their range, mostly due to habitat loss and hunting for the pet trade. Yellow-cheeked crested gibbons occur in northeastern Cambodia, southern Vietnam, and southern Laos, with Cambodia probably containing the majority of these individuals. In the Eastern Plains Landscape of Mondulkiri, a recent survey found Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary to hold the second largest number of these gibbons in Cambodia after Seima Biodiversity Conservation Area. Another endangered species of gibbon, the pileated gibbon (Hylobates concolor), inhabits Thailand, Lao PDR and Cambodia west of the Mekong, where Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains are home to the world’s largest population .
Taken by Camera Trap 
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Since yellow-cheeked crested gibbons spend most their time high up in trees, they are only extremely rarely photographed by camera traps.
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