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Leopard in the dry forest of Mondulkiri Protected Forest in northeastern Cambodia's Eastern Plains Landscape as photographed by a camera trap
Key Facts
Common name
Common Name




In Cambodia: Rare; IUCN: Near Threatened; CITES: Appendix I

IUCN Red List Entry


30 - 60 kg

Latin name

Scientific Name

Panthera pardus


Body Length

100 - 190 cm

Did you know?

Did you know?

Leopard population remains very little in the Eastern Plains

Recent camera trap surveys conducted in collaboration with Panthera and Oxford University suggests that ‘the Indochinese Leopard has experienced a recent and dramatic range collapse in SE Asia and has disappeared from 95% of its historical range with a reduction of 92% since its distribution was estimated by IUCN in 2008. It is extinct in Singapore, likely extinct in Vietnam and Laos, in danger of extinction in Cambodia and China, and has a greatly reduced distribution in Myanmar, Thailand, and Malaysia. A small isolated population in the Eastern Plains Landscape now becomes critically important in the region because of its uniqueness and high conservation importance for the Indochinese leopard.’  Dr. Jan Kamler May 2016