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Black-shanked Douc

A black-shanked douc photographed within Mondulkiri Protected Forest in Cambodia's Eastern Plains Landscape.
Key Facts
Common name
Common Name

Black-shanked Douc



In Cambodia: Rare; IUCN: Endangered; CITES: Appendix I

IUCN Red List Entry


8 - 13kg

Latin name

Scientific Name

Pygathrix nigripes


Body Length

55 - 73cm

Did you know?

Did you know?

Cambodia holds the world's largest population

The black-shanked douc is one of the most striking primates with its distinctive black hind limbs and contrasting grey body and bluish face. Cambodia’s province of Mondulkiri probably holds the largest population of black-shanked douc in the world: In Seima Biodiversity Conservation Area alone, 42,000 individuals have been estimated to occur with additional smaller populations in Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary as well as Mondulkiri Protected Forest, all within the Eastern Plains Landscape. Remnant populations also persist in southern Vietnam, although the largest population is estimated at only 500 to 700 animals. Another endangered species of douc, the red-shanked douc (Pygathrix nemaeus) has recently been confirmed from Cambodia’s Ratanakiri province, but the extent of this species’ distribution in Cambodia is still to be determined. All species of douc are endemic to Indochina and contribute to the outstanding biodiversity value of the region.