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We want to do what is right

At WWF people are at the heart of what we do. Upholding respect for, and ensuring the safety and rights of employees, partners and the communities we work in, is core to our organisation. Any breach of that should be reported without fear of reprisal and every person we work with should feel empowered to safely do so.

You can also learn more about WWF Network's Social Safeguards and Policies


Submitting your concerns

Please select one of the options below and proceed through the following questions to take the next step in submitting your report. After having sent your message you will receive an ID and a password on the screen. Save these in a secure manner. You can choose to remain anonymous throughout this dialogue. 

We aim to acknowledge receipt of your message within 24 hours and will provide an update within 10 calendar days.


WWF’s Network Social Safeguards and Policies

1- Internal WWF issues - Including but not limited to fraud, corruption, discrimination, data breaches, workplace conduct and health & safety concerns

2- Community Issues - Including but not limited to grievances surrounding WWF projects. Find information about WWF's Environmental & Social Safeguards Framework at

3- Human Rights issues - Any serious allegations of abuses committed by WWF employees or partners


A confidential service for you

This secure reporting system is here for you to confidentially submit an incident or cause for concern. You can be a staff member, someone working with WWF or someone in the community. 

You can be anonymous (depending on legalities in your country) if you do not wish to disclose your name, although your name could be crucial in being able to take appropriate action. You do not need to provide proof of your suspicions, but all messages must be made in good faith.

Complaint Resolution Mechanism

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