Consultancy for Sustainable Nature Rubber Guidelines Development for Cambodia

Posted on 20 March 2023

Based in Cambodia
In mid of 2021, the General Directorate of Rubber (GDR) and Cambodian Rubber Research Institute (CRRI), in collaboration with the NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF), Oxfam in Cambodia and WWF Cambodia has successfully conducted a study on Development of Sustainable Natural Rubber (SNR) Criteria and key indicators in Cambodia by a group of international experts. This assignment was to support the process of inclusive development of SNR principles, criteria and indicators to transform rubber cultivation and supply chains in Cambodia. The result of the study served as a strategic paper and reference document for further development of SNR guidelines in Cambodia in future. The SNR Principles study included a desk review to compare and contrast existing SNR principles from other well-known institutions such as IRSG, GPSNR, ANRPC, and Chinese SNR principles (CCCMC) in order to define commonality and synergy among the emerging standards. Moreover, the expert team has assessed socio-economic and environmental performance in the context of promoting sustainable natural rubber practices for large, medium and small-scale rubber plantations. At the end of the study, SNR criteria and indicators (Small, Medium and Large scales) that aligns with Cambodia’s SNR principles, were identified and submitted to GDR for further development and use as reference for the development of SNR Guideline.

This SNR Guideline Development is the next level of SNR Principles. Hereby, a working group which comprises of the GDR, CRRI, NGOF, Oxfam and WWF was established in April 2022 to support the development of the SNR Guidelines for Cambodia.

The working group is looking for a Consultant to develop SNR Guidelines for Cambodia. The consultant will deliver output within 3 months (Apr-June 2023). The key deliverables of this assignment are:
  • Develop work plan and elaborate the methodology to draft the guideline in accordance with the desired objectives of the assignment as above-mentioned.
  • Coordinate/consult among the working group to update progress regularly and understand the needs to achieve intended outputs.
  • Review existing policies and legal frameworks that provide an enabling climate for the SNR Guideline development and implementation.
  • Conduct desk review and field visit if required, to learn more from practices and experienced to extract from existing similar guidelines of SNR such as Cambodia SNR standard indicators and criteria (CSNR), Guidance for Sustainable Natural Rubber of CCCMC, Voluntary Guideline on Mitigating Social-Environmental risks for Vietnamese Outward Investors in Agriculture in Mekong Sub-regions and so on and existing practices at the fields, existing national policies and guidelines.
  • Facilitate the meetings/consultative and validation workshops across different relevant stakeholders to ensure the inputs for the draft guidelines are inclusive and applicable.
  • Respect the deadlines established in the agreed work plan.
  • Present the draft guideline to stakeholders.
  • Finalize the guideline.
The selected consultant/team will work in close collaboration and under supervision of GDR and the working group members to develop the SNR guidelines, facilitate meeting/discussion with different stakeholders to collect inputs for the drafting. The draft version will be presented to broader stakeholders especially the rubber producers for the verification and understanding of the proposed guideline.

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How to apply?
Submit your technical proposal and proposed budget, including work plan and timeline, together with samples of similar project deliverables (offline and online) to WWF by emailing to and cc by 02 April 2023. Please state “SNR Guidelines Development for Cambodia”.

For more information, please contact: Kheang Sokleng, MAP Project Manager,