Law Enforcement Summary Report in the First Half of 2020 in WWF's Supported Protected Areas in Cambodia

Posted on September, 06 2020

Please download and read the full summary report about the law enforcement efforts in WWF's supported protected areas in Cambodia in the first semester of 2020 in the download section of this webpage.
Law enforcement is a key component for protected areas in the Eastern Plains and Mekong Landscapes. WWF works very closely with the Royal Government of Cambodia and its relevant Ministries of Environment and Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to support protected areas management and build capacity for law enforcement and provide necessary equipment to a total of 271 rangers and river guards for regularly patrolling both protected landscapes. Over the past two decades, WWF has been providing active support in the implementation and enforcement of the forestry and fishery laws, complementing other WWF initiatives on community engagement and biodiversity research, in collaboration with the Government at all levels, local communities and development partners, as well as private sector.

In the Eastern Plains Landscape, WWF supports management of two key protected areas of Srepok and Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuaries of almost 6,000 square kilometers combined, under the management of the Ministry of Environment. This landscape is home to globally significant wildlife including Asian elephant, leopard, dhole, banteng, gaur, Siamese crocodile, eld’s deer, primate species such as black-shanked douc and gibbon, as well as giant ibis and other large bird species. In the Mekong Landscape, WWF conservation efforts focus on protecting terrestrial and freshwater biodiversity resources within a 180 kilometers stretch of the Mekong River in Kratie and Stung Treng provinces, under the management of the Fisheries Administration, as well as supporting two protected areas of Prek Prasab and Sambo Wildlife Sanctuaries, under the management of the Ministry of Environment. This unique lower Mekong section is home to the critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphin, endangered hog deer and many important bird species including river tern, giant ibis, white-shouldered ibis, lesser adjutant and vultures.