WWF-Cambodia: Corporate Partnerships Report – FY 2020

Posted on 24 March 2021

This WWF office has not been involved in a formal bilateral partnership with a company in FY20.

However, it is important to note that WWF, as a global network organisation, works with the corporate sector in the majority of its offices, and has committed itself to publicly report these engagements.


We are living beyond our means and our planet’s ecological limits. As the 2020 Living Planet Report demonstrates the challenges that the global environment is facing today are too big, too interconnected, and too urgent for any one organization to solve alone.


Business drives much of the global economy, so we believe that companies also have a specific responsibility to ensure that the natural resources and ecosystems which underpin their own operations are used sustainably. By working with the private sector, WWF aims to change behaviour and drive conservation results that would not be possible otherwise:


  • promote better production and responsible sourcing of raw materials;
  • encourage a switch to 100% renewable energy and away from fossil fuels;
  • engage jointly on public policy;
  • support the equitable sharing of natural resources;
  • redirect financial flows to support conservation and sustainable ecosystem management;
  • raise awareness of the need to consume more wisely; and
  • protect some of the world’s most ecologically important places.
    In general, WWF works with companies in three ways:
  1. Driving sustainable business practices
    We seek to change practices throughout a company’s operations and value chain.
  2. Communications and awareness raising activities
    We raise awareness of key environmental issues and mobilise consumer action.
  3. Philanthropic relationships
    We raise money through these relationships for our priority conservation projects

All WWF offices are committed to publicly report all our company relationships, their intent, objectives and impacts. A Global Report of WWF’s largest corporate partnerships globally can also be found on www.panda.org/business.