Progress Report Jan 2016 - No reports of dolphin mortality for two months in MFF, Cambodia

Posted on 17 February 2016

There have been no reports of dolphin mortality for two months, since WWF-Cambodia implemented the urgent law enforcement action plan in MFF

1. Enforcement Processes

1.1 Law Enforcement Technical Meeting

Two technical enforcement meetings conducted. As a result, an urgent law enforcement action plan to strengthen law enforcement in the first six months of 2016 developed. The meets attended by WWF-MFF staff and government counterparts and Senior Officials of Department of Fishery Conservation of FiA. The meetings were looking existing enforcement efforts and identifying challenges and issues, and then address key action points to be taken with first 6 months of 2016. See annex 1 of urgent law enforcement action plan in the PDF. 

1.2 Patrol effort and acheivement

Number of rigorous patrolling days at individual outpost increased from 11 patrolling days in December 2015 to 17 patrolling days in January 2016. Increasing of patrolling days of the river guards drove to decrease illegal gillnet in the river, while the number of confiscated gillnet decreased from 252 sets equalled to 13586m long in Dec-15 to only 136 sets equalled to 9818m long in Jan-16. In January 2016, there were 6 electroshock fishing poachers arrested and sent to the court.

1.3 Monthly Field Monitoring Trip

Two joint field monitoring trips to visit river guards at each outpost  in Dec-15 and Jan-16 were conducted in Kratie and Stung Treng provinces by law enforcement officer and provincial chiefs of river in both Kratie and Stung Treng aimed to strengthen capacity of river guards and joining patrol with river guards, providing additional fuel, engine oil and GPS batteries for patrolling, providing per-diem for river guards who already patrolled in the previous months and collecting patrol reports and GPS waypoints from each outpost for producing Smart Report. 

1.4 Patrol equipment handover and burning gillnet ceremony

On 28th Jan 2016, WWF and FiA organized a ceremony to handover new uniforms and patrol equipment to river guards, participated by 44 participants. There were 68 river guard uniforms, and 7 walkie talkies, 21 torches, and 21 headlights were provided to river guards. After handover ceremony, illegal gillnet confiscated by river guards in 16 outposts of Kratie province was burned.

2. Conclusion

Overall, by implementing urgent enforcement action plan to strengthen law enforcement with ongoing support from WWF, the number of illegal gillnet in the river in Jan-16 was decreased compared to December 2015, while the capacity of river guards to crack down difficult case like electroshock fishing case has greatly improved. As per this conservation outcome, there was no dolphin mortality during period of December 2015 and Jan 2016. The team committed to continue effective law enforcement during this special season – low level of water is compared with other years.

3. Action Plan for Next Month

  • Conduct regular patrol by river guards at each outpost, at least 15 patrol days for each outpost
  • Organize joint patrol of river guards led by provincial chief of river guards at each province
  • Conduct monthly field monitoring trip to visit and meeting with river guards at each outpost and joint patrol with river guards by Law Enforcement Officer and provincial chiefs of river guards in Kratie and Stung Treng
  • Provide monthly patrol materials for river guards such as fuel, engine oil, GPS batteries, patrol data recording form
  • Produce SMART Report
  • Process the urgent patrol equipment purchasing including boats and engines
  • Get approval on river guards internal rule for Stung Treng
  • Develop intelligence network guideline

River guards patrol in Kratie
River guards patrol in Kratie
© WWF-Cambodia
River guard equipment handover ceremony in Kratie
© WWF-Cambodia