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From logger to sustainable chicken farmer

In early 2019, several villagers including Mr. Tu Te were selected by WWF-Cambodia and Forest and Livelihood Organization (FLO) to pilot a chicken ...

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Samros Koh Han prospers with women in the leadership

In the Koh Snaeng commune, O Svay district, the Stung Treng province, where the Somros Koh Han Community-based Ecotourism (CBET) is located, is ...

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Vegetables and women grow together with the help of a new solar-powered water pumping system

Villagers in Punchea Village in Ou Krieng Commune, Sambo District, Kratie Province—90 percent of whom are Phnong indigenous people—live where the ...

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Fish farming improves farmers’ livelihoods across Sambo District

Five families in Anlung Preah Kur Village in Wattanak Commune, Sambo District, Kratie Province are now raising fish in their own homes. Through fish ...

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Chicken farming adds an income source and improves livelihoods for villagers

Villagers in Sambo District in Kratie Province of Cambodia can now earn extra income by raising chickens. By spending just a little time and money on ...

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From city boy to protector of Cambodia's largest dry forest

Rangers like Mr. Sin Satha from the Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary in Cambodia put themselves at great risks to help save the ecosystems that Cambodia's ...

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WWF-Cambodia Partnership with Global Retailer H&M

​WWF’s engagement with global corporations & the private sector has become increasingly important, with the necessity to balance economic development ...

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WWF-Cambodia is Undertaking an Organizational Assessment/ Organizational Development to Strengthen Its Capacity

​Responding to various challenges and its growth, WWF-Cambodia, initiated in February 2018 an Organizational Assessment/Organizational Development ...

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Diversified Use of Bamboo in Rattan Products Increases Profit Margins for Community Forestry Groups

​The Rattan & Bamboo team has been supporting community members in Cambodia to improve livelihoods while simultaneously protecting forests. This ...

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Law Enforcement Highlights in the Mekong Flooded Forest

The hard work and persistence of the river guards to protect the Irrawaddy dolphin in the Mekong Flooded Forest (MFF) landscape contributed to the ...

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Law Enforcement Highlights in the Eastern Plains Landscape

​The law enforcement team in the EPL has had a very busy start to the year. There has been a heavy focus on training of rangers from the Ministry of ...

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Nine Community Protected Areas Are Legally Advancing

Nine community forests (CF) in Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary (SWS), were all converted into community protected areas (CPA). This is a result of a ...

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WWF-Cambodia Conducted the First Training on Elephants to Community Rangers in Eastern Plains Landscape

The Eastern Plains Landscape (EPL) of Mondulkiri province has the largest reproducing population of Asian elephants in Cambodia. Camera-trap photos ...

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EU and WWF Officially Launched a 2.8 Million EUR Project to Conserve Natural Resources in Cambodia

The European Union (EU) and WWF continue cooperation for sustainable resource use and protected area management. WWF and the EU have officially ...

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Cambodia and Vietnam Signs Trans-boundary Cooperation Agreement for Collaborative Conservation Efforts

​The joint signing of a Co-Action Plan by the Mondulkiri and Dak Lak provincial governments on the 29th January 2018 signified the beginning of a ...

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Mekong Dolphin Population Increased for the First Time

“After years of hard work, we finally have reason to believe that these iconic dolphins can be protected against extinction – thanks to the combined ...

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A Modern Spin on a Longstanding Campaign, WWF-Cambodia #connect2earth for Earth Hour 2018

WWF-Cambodia celebrated Earth Hour in unison with people from around the globe on 24th March, 2018.

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Forest Pulse Report 2018

The forests of the Greater Mekong aren’t just home to tigers, elephants, and bears, they’re also home to people!

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Annual Report 2017-WWF Cambodia

WWF-Cambodia's annual report 2017 highlights remarkable progress on conversation work in our targeted areas.

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Eastern Plains Landscape case studies show unrelenting illegal activities, but successful interventions amidst wider national crack down

Imagine a time in Cambodia where tigers, leopards, elephants, deer, and rare birds roamed freely, without any threat, and in large numbers.

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Cambodian officials received intensive spatial planning training for the Eastern Plains Landscape

In order to achieve the most sustainable outcomes of our projects in the Eastern Plains Landscape (EPL), the conservation areas need to be looked as ...

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WWF convened Tiger Expert Committee to advance Cambodia’s tiger reintroduction plan

In an affirmation of the Cambodian government’s commitment to the Tx2 goal of doubling wild tigers globally, the Prime Minister of Cambodia’s ...

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Visioning workshop for developing world class wildlife tourism in Mondulkiri province

What are viable future goals? What would success look like? What can be learned from measures that ensured success in India?

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Eastern Plains Landscape welcomed colleagues from offices worldwide to enhance knowledge and exchange experiences

Implementation of patrols, law enforcement, and conservation projects in the Eastern Plains Landscape (EPL) is a challenge to say the least.

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Law enforcement highlights in the Mekong Flooded Forest Landscape

There are still only around 80 Irrawaddy river dolphins in the Mekong River and human-induced environmental pressures such as destructive fishing ...

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Awareness outreach brought community members together to protect Mekong dolphins

To protect the Mekong Irrawaddy dolphins from extinction, WWF-Cambodia has been working hard to engage community members in

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First WWF-Cambodia Vulture Day saw 200 students standing up for endangered species

September 2nd 2017 was WWF-Cambodia’s first time to hold International Vulture Awareness Day

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WWF-Cambodia and NGOs partners successfully launched phase 2 of innovative community-based project to protect country’s natural resources

The outcomes are, firstly, securing and exercising rights to natural resources; secondly

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Cambodian Prime Minister Endorsed Tiger Reintroduction Plans

It has been 10 years since a camera trap’s photo gave last evidence of a wild tiger in Cambodia’s Eastern Plains Landscape

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Mapping and Valuing Ecosystem Services in Mondulkiri: Outcomes and Recommendations for Sustainable and Inclusive Land Use Planning in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country rich in natural resources that sustain the wellbeing of the nation's population and contribute to the country's economy. It has ...

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The Supporting Forest and Biodiversity Project Achievement

The Eastern Plains Landscape of Cambodia is one of the key areas of wildlife conservation in Cambodia. The region comprises two protected areas: the ...

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First profile of Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary

The new profile of the book shows an impressive array of wildlife species and rich habitat diversity, including 18 endangered and critically ...

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Five ways that cutting carbon helps you (besides creating a healthy planet)

Reducing carbon emissions definitely helps the environment. But taking steps towards climate-friendly living benefits us in other ways too. Here are ...

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Cambodia Renewable Energy Report 2016

Cambodia Renewable Energy Report 2016 - Sustainable energy use and alternatives for power generation in the Greater Mekong sub-region

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Earth Hour 2016 took place in an unprecedented 178 countries and territories, which makes it the biggest celebration for our planet ever; and it is ...

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Fish Catch Monitoring - Conserving National Fish Stocks in Cambodia

Fish Catch Monitoring in Kratie Monitoring and Protecting Cambodia’s fish stocks

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Conservation and Livelihoods - an Essential Link - Srey Thom Case Study

A visit to Srey Thom Community Protected Area in Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary

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InVEST Workshop – Mapping and Valuing Ecosystem Services in Mondulkiri

InVEST Worskhop – Mapping and Valuing Ecosystem Services in Mondulkiri to Support Land Use Planning and Decision Making in Cambodia

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Population Monitoring of the Critically Endangered Mekong Dolphin

WWF-Cambodia's Technical report on Population Monitoring of the Critically Endangered Mekong Dolphin Based on Rark-Resight Models

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The Impact of Climate Change on Species

Read the new report from WWF exploring the impact of climate change on a number of key species, including the giant panda, polar bear, Sumatra ...

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Ranger Federation of Asia Newsletter Volume 1: July 2015

Read the first newsletter containing stories from rangers published by Ranger Federation of Asia

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Conservation and livelihoods: an essential link

Read our story from the field: Conservation and livelihoods: an essential link

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Improving livelihoods through community-based tourism

 Read our story from the field: Improving livelihoods through community-based tourism

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Community Fisheries and Livelihood Improvements

Read our story from the field: Community Fisheries and Livelihood Improvements

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WWF launches first-ever book on Mekong rattan species

Endemic to Cambodia, Pdao Bonla Dong Penh and Pdao Teuk Kmum are among 65 rattan species found in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. These rattan species ...

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A Mekong Giant - current status, threats and preliminary conservation measures for the critically endangered Mekong giant catfish

Damming the mainstream of the lower Mekong River would represent a significant new threat to the survival of the Mekong giant catfish, one of the ...

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