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Rigorous law enforcement is needed now more than ever to save Cambodia’s endangered fish from extinction

The result of a rapid assessment showed that Giant Barb, Isok Barb, Giant Goonch, Mekong Tiger Perch, Elephant-ear Gourami and Mekong Freshwater ...

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Conditions are rife for next pandemic unless urgent action is taken, WWF warns

While the world continues to grapple with the devastating consequences of COVID-19, WWF is calling for urgent global action to address the key ...

23 Jun 2020 Read more »

WWF’s statement on the loss of globally endangered wildlife

WWF is saddened by the loss of two adult female Banteng believed to have been shot dead since the past three to four days already inside Phnom Prich ...

15 May 2020 Read more »

Public calls on governments to close S.E Asia’s wildlife markets in response to COVID-19, WWF survey finds

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has brought the link between zoonotic diseases - those transmitted from animals to humans - and wildlife markets into ...

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Critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphins and the world’s most productive freshwater fishery saved from destructive dam

Dams and reservoirs are the leading contributors to connectivity loss in global rivers. WWF is advocating for rivers to be valued and the focus ...

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