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Mission critical: monitoring the Mekong dolphins in the wild, photo-ID based survey

Cambodia’s Dolphin Conservation Team conducted an annual population survey of the Irrawaddy dolphin in the Mekong River.

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WWF statement: Dead Irrawaddy dolphin discovered floating near Kampi pool

Kratie province – Tuesday 24 December 2019: WWF is saddened that a dolphin calf just died prematurely, aged 11 days.

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WWF-Cambodia celebrates Freshwater Dolphin Day in sustainable style!

WWF-Cambodia and over 300 participants celebrated Freshwater Dolphin Day 2017 with a morning of bike riding, demonstrations, speeches, and ...

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WWF convenes Tiger Expert Committee to advance Cambodia’s tiger reintroduction plans

In an affirmation of the Cambodian government’s commitment to the Tx2 goal of doubling wild tigers globally, the Prime Minister of Cambodia’s ...

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WWF starts ambitious scale-up programme with official launch at European Union Embassy

The programme aims to alleviate and rectify the damage the Mekong river and surrounding lands have experienced with rapid and unplanned economic ...

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Community Protected Areas are legally advancing

CPAs provide local communities with secured land rights, though not ownership, and improved socio-economic conditions thanks to legal and managed ...

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First giant ibis nest spotted in four years’ sparks population increase hopes and kick starts protection programme

For the first time in four years WWF-Cambodia can announce the sighting of a new giant ibis nest in the Mekong Flooded Forest landscape (MFF).

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Green School material distribution

Our Mekong Flooded Forest Outreach Team went to 20 Green Schools (both primary and secondary) in Kratie and Stung Treng Provinces. They provided the ...

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WWF celebrated Earth Hour Cambodia 2017 under the theme “Our choice for the planet”

On the 25th of March 2017, WWF-Cambodia continued its 4-year-old tradition and hosted earth hour at Wat Botum Park. We arranged for a host of ...

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A Years’ Improvement in the Bamboo Community

The Bamboo Incense stick hadicraft group has been established for nearly one year with support from the Commune Forestry Administration and Rattan ...

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The 4th International workshop on the Conservation of the Mekong Irrawaddy Dolphin

On 16-18 January 2017, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) – Cambodia in collaboration with the FiA convened an International Workshop on the ...

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Provincial Government promotes an integrated and sustainable development in the Mondulkiri province: Launch of Provincial Spatial Planning Process

WWF-Cambodia in collaboration with the Mondulkiri Provincial Government organized the Provincial Spatial Planning process, aimed at developing ...

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Conservation Highlights in the Mekong Flooded Forest Landscape

​WWF-Cambodia at the Mekong Flooded Forest (MFF) Landscape has been deeply involved in the law enforcement and projects activities.

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Conservation Highlights in the Eastern Plains Landscape

We started this quarter with a meeting about the key progresses in the Eastern Plain Landscape (EPL) we addressed all components, identified ...

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Tiger Reintroduction Plan in the Eastern Plains Landscape Receives a Boost from US Visitors

WWF-Cambodia had the honour of receiving some very esteemed guests recently. Mr. Matthew Harris and his wife Jennifer Harris, founders of the Bedari ...

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Earth Hour 2017 Photo Contest

You can take part in the worlds largest grassroot movement and have the chance to win fantastic prizes.

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WWF- Cambodia Awarded for Honourable Contribution towards Conservation in Cambodia

“With great pleasure and great humility we would like to inform you that WWF-Cambodia has been presented an award for ‘Honourable Contribution ...

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Resuscitating an Endangered Species: 11 new dolphins Born in 2016!

WWF-Cambodia greets the new year with renewed hope to tackle all the environmental concerns coming our way. The source of our hope comes...

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Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary, Law Enforcement team and their Success.

The WWF-Cambodia Law Enforcement efforts this quarter, at the Sraepok Wildlife Sanctuary consisted of 65 guards patrolling for a time period of 128 ...

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Law Enforcement team cracks down on forest crime in Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary’s

WWF’s conservation efforts in the Eastern Plains landscape has had a specialised focus on Law Enforcement.

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Landmark Meeting with the Ministry of Environment About Effort Required to Save Our Forests

WWF-Cambodia took part in a meeting organised by the Ministry of Environment on the 6th of December 2016 in Mondolkiri province.

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WWF-Cambodia raised awareness on Cambodian tiger in Kompot Writer Festival

On the 3rd of November 2016, WWF attended the Kampot Writers festival in order to raise awareness on the lack of tigers in Cambodia.

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Rattan and Bamboo Provides us our Livelihood’, community tells WWF

Mr. Sim Sem is the Committee Chief of the Derm Doung community forest management in Derm Doung Commune, Angkor Chey district at the Kampot province.

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Take a Sneak-Peek into The Work Behind Saving our Irrawaddy Dolphins

In 2016, we saw a series of successes in terms of conservation efforts. The decline of the population of our Irrawaddy Dolphins has been successfully ...

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Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary Management Plan Developed in Protecting Wildlife and Sustaining Community Livelihoods

The Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary (PPWS) management plan for 2016-2021 has recently been developed with generous support from the Department of..

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The Minister of the Ministry of Environment shows high commitment to conserve the natural resources during a visit to the Eastern Plains Landscape

Follow by a Helicopter Fly over mission done two weeks earlier with the presence of MoE’s cabinet chief, secretary of state

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Business Model: Sustainable Incense stick production makes improvement of community livelihoods

Incense stick is the materials used by Buddhists to pray to god at home, pagodas, or other holy places to help them achieve their wishes.

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Joint patrol in the Mekong Flooded Forest: A high commitment towards the conservation of endangered species

There are many dangers that river guards come across when patrolling in the Mekong Flooded Forest (MFF). Earlier this year, one of the river guards

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Illegal fishing decreased in the Mekong Flooded Forest

Over the past three months, four dolphin carcasses were discovered in the Mekong Flooded Forest (MFF), three adults and one calf.

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Law enforcement in the Eastern Plains Landscape: Wildlife and Forest Welfare

Much has happened over the past three months in the Easter Plains Landscape (EPL) in regard to Law Enforcement.

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WWF celebrates tiger numbers on the rise for Global Tiger Day 2016

WWF celebrates the Global Tiger Day 2016 with the rise of tiger numbers in Asia on 29th July. For the first time after decades of constant decline, ...

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Tiger Day 2016 Video Competition

Everybody can take part in the 2016 Tiger Day video competition and you could win one of the three prizes, including a smart phone. Film a short ...

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The Last Mekong Dolphins of Cambodia: A Baby Is Born

WWF conservation experts were jubilant when they spotted a mother dolphin with her newly born baby in Kampi pool on the banks of the Mekong River in ...

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Progress Report Jan 2016 - No reports of dolphin mortality for two months in MFF, Cambodia

There have been no reports of dolphin mortality for two months, since WWF-Cambodia implemented the urgent law enforcement action plan in MFF

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WWF-Cambodia event to support the work of the River Guards from Kratie and Stung treng provinces and Equipment Handover

On Thursday 28th January 2016, more than 50 people from Kratie and Stung treng provinces, as well as government officials and the country director of ...

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Nearly 1000 people turn out for the Mondulkiri Wildlife and Us Celebration: a huge success for the local people and the local wildlife!

On Thursday 17th December, WWF-Cambodia held an event called “Mondulkiri Wildlife and Us” which aimed to celebrate and raise awareness about the many ...

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Over 200 people gather for a boat march to stop Don Sahong Dam: the voice of impacted communities needs to be heard!

On Friday 11th December, over 200 people from across Cambodia gathered in Preah Rumkel commune, at the Cambodian-Lao border, to protest against the ...

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More than 400 people gather to protect the last 80 Mekong Dolphins on Freshwater Dolphin Day

On the occasion of the International Freshwater Dolphin Day, WWF-Cambodia and the Fisheries Administration organised a massive celebration in Kratie ...

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On Global Tiger Day, WWF Calls for Tigers to Return to Cambodia

On Global Tiger Day, WWF-Cambodia highlights the Cambodian government's plan to reintroduce tigers to the country as part of a broader global goal to ...

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Cambodia Border Crossing and Road Threaten One of Asia’s Last Great Wilderness Areas

Some of the world’s most endangered species will be driven closer to extinction if a new border crossing with Vietnam and associated road are built ...

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Conservation and livelihoods: an essential link

Understanding this critical link between livelihoods and the environment, the Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT) and WWF-Cambodia began a ...

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Improving livelihoods through community-based tourism

Mrs. Savry belongs to a group of nine home stay owners on the island of Koh Pdao, located in Kratie Province, along Cambodia’s Mekong River.

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Community Fisheries and Livelihood Improvements

In the mid-morning heat, the water buffalos’ bells in the surrounding rice fields clinked softly as Mr. Mom Kosal, Chief of the Community Fishery at ...

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More than a quarter of a million people say no to Don Sahong dam

 WWF today staged a public event to share the concerns of more than a quarter of a million people who are calling on Mega First Corporation to ...

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Global Tiger Day 2014 – Global Wild Tiger Numbers Unknown

Wild tigers face the risk of extinction in some countries due to a lack of information. 

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Effects of Laos dam project to be revealed

WWF welcomes the Lao Government's decision to have the Don Sahong hydropower project undergo a formal consultation process

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Sustainable rattan industry sees much potential for growth with greater support from the government

The rattan actors advocate for the need of policy support for sustainable rattan market and industry in Cambodia and the Mekong region.

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