Fish farming improves farmers’ livelihoods across Sambo District | WWF

Fish farming improves farmers’ livelihoods across Sambo District

Posted on
25 May 2020

Written by Sina Pha, Communications Officer of WWF-Cambodia

Five families in Anlung Preah Kur Village in Wattanak Commune, Sambo District, Kratie Province are now raising fish in their own homes. Through fish farming, WWF-Cambodia is improving the livelihoods of local communities in the Kratie Province through sustainable farming.
In August 2019, WWF-Cambodia, with funding support from BMZ and support from the Kratie Fishery Administration, began recommending to villagers the Sutchi, Basa and walking catfish in two types of aquaria-quadrant cement pools and dug ponds, while providing resources including water pumps and pipes, fish feed, pool and pond construction and babe fishes.
In addition to fish farming, the farmers also learn to record statistics on expenses, income, profit, the amount of feed and water use in the practices, as well as evaluate its effectiveness based on first-hand experience and observation.
Just five months after its introduction, this fish farming practice has brought remarkable results and hope to villagers’ livelihoods. On top of earning extra profit from selling the fish, farmers also save up on food by eating the fish they raise. And while the profit can seem minor for some farmers during the first five months, they were still content from having an extra stable income source.

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