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WWF’s statement on the loss of globally endangered wildlife

Posted on
15 May 2020

WWF is saddened by the loss of two adult female Banteng believed to have been shot dead since the past three to four days already inside Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary, Mondulkiri province. Officials with the Provincial Department of Environment and the Forestry Administration Cantonment have discovered on May 13, 2020 the animals’ carcasses inside the protected area and decided to bury the animals at the location where they were found.
The passing of these Banteng represent a significant loss of a globally important wild cattle species, already listed on the IUCN Red List as globally endangered. The Banteng population is threatened by a series of substantial pressures from poaching, snaring, habitat fragmentation and loss.
WWF condemns this shameful killing of the two reproductive-age females Banteng and strongly urges necessary investigations be swiftly conducted to apprehend and bring those who were involved in the killing to court. WWF stands ready to cooperate with the Provincial Department of Environment of the Ministry of Environment and other provincial enforcement authorities to help boost the investigation effort to ensure that those who committed this disgraceful act of wildlife crime will not run free.

In a separate event, members of the river guards in Steung Treng province discovered early this week a dead dolphin calf floating in Cheu Teal Dolphin pool. WWF is saddened by the loss of this female calf Dolphin of 13kg and 10-day of age. An initial assessment by WWF’s and Government’s wildlife researchers suggested that the calf died of unknown causes as the group observed no sign of any physical injury neither from gillnet nor attack by other Dolphins. The researchers group collected the Dolphin’s carcass for further examinations to determine the exact cause of death.