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WWF’s mission in Cambodia is to ensure that there will be strong participation and support from all people to conserve the country’s rich biological diversity. Through the encouragement of sustainable use of natural resources, WWF-Cambodia promotes new opportunities for the benefit of all people, enhancing local livelihoods and contributing to poverty reduction in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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23 Oct 2020

The Irrawaddy dolphin population in the Mekong River numbers just 89, the 2020 survey report led by the Fisheries Administration and WWF revealed ...

25 Sep 2020

“Two years ago I saw hundreds of lesser adjutants perching on a big leafless tree. The tree was so big but all I could see were the birds all over ...

24 Sep 2020

Kratie province – Four Eld’s deers (Rucervus eldii) were photographed for the first time in five years by camera traps that were placed in the WWF’s ...

06 Sep 2020

Please download and read the full summary report about the law enforcement efforts in WWF's supported protected areas in Cambodia in the first ...

12 Aug 2020

Download and read full WWF-Cambodia's partnership report FY19 in the download section of this webpage

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