Consultant to conduct the feasibility study on educational approach through media app (mobile phone) in PPWS and SWS | WWF

Consultant to conduct the feasibility study on educational approach through media app (mobile phone) in PPWS and SWS

Posted on
16 October 2018

TERMS OF REFERENCE (TOR) OF THE CONSULTANCY FOR The feasibility study of Environmental Education by media_app (mobile phone) and the assessment of environmental need awareness

1. Background of consultancy assignment/project
The USAID Wildlife Sanctuary Support Program seeks to conserve forests and biodiversity, and promote inclusive, sustainable management of the Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary (SWS) and Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary (PPWS) and their extended landscapes in Cambodia’s Eastern Plains Landscape (EPL), which  is one of the largest intact blocks of forest in Southeast Asia and is internationally recognized as a priority site for conservation due to its biodiversity and ability to sustain an array of globally and regionally threatened species. The Project aims to address key threats to the landscape from poor governance and land-use planning, coupled with a lack of capacity and resources to address illegal poaching, logging, and land clearing, leading to significant biodiversity loss, degradation of forest and freshwater ecosystems, and exhaustion of ecosystem services and climate resilience of a nation identified as one of the most vulnerable to climate change.
WWF-Cambodia with support from USAID Wildlife Sanctuary Support Program aims at looking for opportunities and best possible ways to improving Agriculture Practices and Environmental Education for villagers and stakeholders who are currently depending on natural resources. The project is working to reduce pressure on the natural resources and environment through improving and providing livelihood alternatives to local communities especially those are forest dependants living in and around the Protected Areas.

WWF-Cambodia is looking for a consultant to conduct the Feasibility Study on Educational Approach through media app (mobile phone) in PPWS and SWS which is considered the most remoted area in the country.
This consultancy service will contribute to the Project deliverable “Target farmers have increased knowledge, autonomy and self-confidence in implementing improved agricultural practices”   through designing contents for smart phone app and disseminate, through a simple “3-2-1” push cell phone-based messaging service to disseminate relevant information for behaviour change on responsible and efficient farming diversification, agricultural and post-harvest intervention techniques, weather/climate updates, crop calendar and marketing support.
2. Objective of the consultancy:
  • To access the feasibility of new educational approach through media app in terms of:
    • Phone services coverage in target areas;
    • Attitudes of the villagers, especially farmers with regard to smartphone usage;
    • Ability of the villagers to read and listen in order to learn from media app;
    • Number of existing target farmers who are currently owning smartphones;
  • To access the  knowledge and need of key actors on environmental and conservation, behavior, EE materials and training accessibility at the target communities, with a plus of Tiger Perception toward conservation;
  • To understand the gender roles toward environmental and conservation in EPL.
3. Scope of work/ Major responsibility
The consultant will responsible for:
  1. Data collection of mobile phone coverage and number of community villagers using the mobile phone;
  2. Survey through interview with local farmers on the perception of using smartphones to receive the key education messages;
  3. Data collection on number of target farmers who are able to learn/get message vie mobile phone etc.
  4. Data collection on related environmental and natural resources knowledge and need, gender related issues, analysis of existing education outreach materials and training activities and Tiger Perception toward Tiger Reintroduction;
  5. Meetings with local authorities (village chiefs, commune chiefs, district governors, and provincial key stakeholders) to gain understanding and get their recommendation on the need for EE and plan for the Tiger Reintroduction;
  6. Draft and finalize the assignment report with recommendation on design of the application, EE related approaches to deliver to farmers;
  7. Presentation the finding to EPL team.
Target area in PPWS and SWS: This project will be focus in PPWS with 8 CPAs for mobile technology and overall EE, gender issues, and Tiger Perception will be included other 9 CPAs in SWS. Totally, there are 12375 CPA members.
  • Bachelor or Master decree in environment, natural resources management, or social science;
  • Knowledge of designing and conducting relevant researches;
  • Experience of environmental education;
  • Very good facilitation and communication skills;
  • Very good knowledge and experience in data collection, analysis and reporting.
4. Way forward for the feasibility study
The consultant will submit the proposal to WWF for the selection. The application should be included, 1) letter of interest and CVs of consultants, 2) research questions and propose research methodologies, 3) draft questionnaire, and 4) work plan and budget to with subject line: Consultancy.
The expectation of the research design and final report will be short and precise, with time and cost efficient.