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External Consultancy Assignment Technical Support to Provincial Spatial Planning in Mondulkiri Province

Posted on
27 July 2018

From its origins as a small group of committed wildlife enthusiasts, WWF has grown into one of the world's largest and most respected independent conservation organizations – supported by 5 million people and active in over 100 countries on five continents.
WWF-Greater Mekong – on the ground in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam – is working to conserve the region’s biodiversity and build a secure and sustainable future for people and wildlife. WWF has a long history of engagement in the Greater Mekong.
WWF’s mission in Cambodia is to ensure that there will be strong participation and support from all people to conserve the country’s rich biological diversity.  The WWF-Cambodia Conservation Programme that started more than 10 years ago is implemented in 2 landscapes – Eastern Plains Landscape (EPL) and Mekong Flooded Forest (MFF) Landscape and built over the following 4 pillars of interventions: (1) Securing Landscape Integrity sustaining conservation and livelihood development, (2) Freshwater and Sustainable Hydropower, (3) Protected Area Management and Conservation Research and (4) Sustainable Financing – Green Economy.

WWF-Cambodia is looking for External Consultancy Assignment Technical Support to Provincial Spatial Planning in Mondulkiri Province.
  1. Major Duties and Responsibilities:
Provincial Level
  1. Create a provincial support team and ensure improved capacity of the provincial government on the PSPP and ensure full ownership and participation of the PSP Secretariat and Provincial Council;
  2. Implement the Provincial Spatial Planning Process and ensure that it is aligned with national guidelines, national law and policies to ensure easy and fast adoption by the national committee on Spatial and Urban Planning;
  3. Review the existing Spatial Planning Database to identify the missing part and data collection;
  4. Review the existing of the Mondulkiri Provincial Spatial Planning Situation Analysis Technical Report and lead the technical work until the completion of the final technical report (step 6) and approval by Provincial Committee on Spatial and Urban Planning;
  5. Ensure that the Provincial Spatial Plan is an Ecosystem Services based plan and contributes to the MLMUPC objective to mainstream ecosystem services into planning process;
  6. Ensure effective participation of all relevant stakeholders through a consultative process with all relevant sub-national government and non-governmental actors and private sectors through provincial coordination processes,
  7. Provide monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly, and annually report to Mondulkiri Government and WWF-Cambodia
National Level
  1. Ensure effective participation of all relevant stakeholders through consultative process with all relevant government and non-governmental actors, including the involvement of national governmental actors through inter-ministerial coordination processes
  2. Develop a technical summary and draft of sub-decree for the adoption by the national committee (following the example of the Battambang and Sihanouk Provincial Spatial Planning);
  1. Qualifications:
Required profile:
Team/Company profile:
  • An independent company or Consultants’ consortium (external entity)
  • Good knowledge of Land Management framework and policy
  • Experience in Stakeholder outreach and engagement, negotiations skills and conflict resolution
  • Experience in training delivery
  • ArcGIS/QGIS, ENVI/ERDAS Image Imagine
  • Good understanding of the Mondulkiri Province
  • MS Word, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Power Point.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Khmer language
  • Practical experiences in economics and pole development, and practical on Provincial Spatial Planning/ Municipality Master Plan and Land Use Planning/ District Master Plan in Cambodia
  • Proven experience in ecosystem services mapping and valuing (experience with InVEST a plus)
  • Experiences on GIS for database management, Spatial data analyst and map production.
  • Experience in data collection, analysis and synthesis and preparation of strategic information for decision makers
  • Experience in writing reports and reviews, delivering presentation and defending recommendations
  • Experience of working in multi-cultural environment, Government Ministry and NGOs
Skills and Abilities:
  • Coaching and capacity building/development
  • Report writing in Khmer and English
  • Analysis and research
  • Working well with and contributing effectively to a multicultural team
  • Working independently
  • Working on own initiative with minimum supervision and staying on task
To apply:
Please provide your application to povmardy.ouch@wwf.panda.org by 17th August 2018
Your application should include:
  • A detailed project proposal with the proposed approach to implement the work
  • The presentation of the team with key expertise and CVs
  • A detailed budget for one year ( 2 times, 6 months)
  • A detailed timeframe for one year ( 2 times, 6 months)