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Dhole (Asiatic Wild Dog)

A camera trap photo of a dhole (Asiatic wild dog) taken in the dry forests of Mondulkiri Protected Forest in northeastern Cambodia's Eastern Plains Landscape
© FA / WWF-Cambodia

Key Facts

  • Common Name

    Dhole (Asiatic Wild Dog)

  • Scientific Name

    Cuon alpinus

  • Status

    In Cambodia: Rare; IUCN: Endangered; CITES: Appendix II

    IUCN Red List Entry

  • Body Length

    80 - 90cm

  • Weight

    10 - 20kg

  • Did you know?

    Threatened by diseases from domestic dogs

Dhole is a species of wild dog that has declined dramatically across its extensive range. It is now classified as a globally endangered species with fewer than 2,500 mature individuals remaining.

In Cambodia, dholes occur in both protected areas co-managed by WWF in the Eastern Plains Landscape. Competition and disease transmission from domestic dogs are a threat to this species, which is why WWF-Cambodia is enforcing a rigorous “no dogs”-policy in the strict protection zones of its protected areas. After an outbreak of canine distemper in 2011-2012, thought to have been transmitted from local domestic dogs, the populations are slowly recovering as of 2015.